For Administrators

Are you looking for ways to cut costs in your school? Are you looking for additional funding for special programs for your students? Are you looking for opportunities to bolster your school’s image in your community?

Eco-Stewards® is the program that can do these things for you. Imagine students learning by doing. Imagine a grass roots environmental and energy efficiency movement that starts in your school and creates benefits to your school. Imagine savings on energy and natural resources used in your schools: electricity, water, paper, transportation. Competition between schools participating in Eco-Stewards promotes school pride and community involvement. The actions by students while at school will be sure to improve energy efficiency (and lower cost of operation) by as much as 4%. In some schools, energy use decreased nearly 23% over a single school year of school-to-school competitions. In addition, individual students could be rewarded for excellence in their participation with scholarship awards or community service hours for the effort made through the Eco-Stewards program!

Contact us or your local electric utility and see if they will bring Eco-Stewards to your schools.