For Teachers

teacherwithstudentsAre you looking for an environmental education program that does not interfere with your already overloaded course content and class schedule?  Do you need extra assignments for those enthusiastic, self-motivated students or focus for an extracurricular science, environmental, or ecology club where interest is lagging? Have you looked for lessons that are hands-on and meaningful to your students and will help prepare them as they become our future generation of environmental stewards?

Eco-Stewards® may be just the program you need for real life application assignments, recharging your science club, for community service hours with your upcoming graduates, or just helping bring environmental education to your school.  Imagine a class or club of teens in their own homes doing Lifestyle Analyses that will change the natural resource use of every home for the better.  Imagine an activity that teens can do with their families to create an environmental dialogue at a time when teens don’t really do much positive talking outside their peer group. Imagine your students with scholarship awards and community service hours for work done through the Eco-Stewards program!

Speak with your administrative team and your local electric or gas utility about bringing Eco-Stewards to your classrooms.