For the Community

And what is that one?

Are your energy bills of concern to you?  Are you squeezed in the summer months with statements from your power company and rising costs to cool your home? Are you surprised at your heating bills each winter? Are you doing everything possible to reduce your consumption of natural resources? Are you doing everything possible to reduce your utility bills? How do you know for certain? Your utility would help you with that if they would bring Eco-Stewards® to their education division.

The Eco-Stewards program is specifically designed with you, the resident, in mind. Your Eco-Steward will do a personalized Lifestyle Analysis of their home, present their findings of the family’s performance and make suggestions they can use to change your lifestyle, make their home more energy and resource efficient, lower those energy bills, and make an environmental impact for which future generations will thank you.

Interested in how you can get your Lifestyle Analysis and personalized report with recommendations, for both long term and immediate savings opportunities?  Find out today. Contact your local gas or electric utility for further details or click on the Contact Us tab above to let us know of your interest in this positive environmental effort that can save you money, conserve resources, and connect you to incentives and rebates from your electric or gas utility for which you may qualify.