Green Tick 2How about joining a growing number of teens to become energy ambassadors called Eco-Stewards®? Eco-Stewards are high school students who are trained in energy efficiency to perform an in-home Lifestyle Analysis for their own homes through their local utility company. The in-home Lifestyle Analysis allows an Eco-Steward to find places where energy loss is occurring in the home, find out what to do to reduce that loss, and share with their households tools and behaviors that will improve energy efficiency.

Maybe your company is looking for ways to fulfill the broader core values of your community:

  • Giving back
  • Doing the “right” thing
  • Building strong relationships and partnerships with students as ultimate beneficiaries
  • Encouraging environmental stewardship, planning, and management
  • Develop meaningful ways for your employees to engage with their communities

Home profiles can be evaluated and your products promoted to meet the energy use needs of those homes. Over time, the results are used to show real reduction in kWh usage, increase participation in utility incentive programs, and increase reliance on local and national brands to provide the tools to make these improvements.