For Utility Partners

Looking for ways to meet the demands of customer service at a fraction of the existing cost?  Looking for ways to improve your image with your clients or to partner with the community to reduce energy, water and fuel consumption? Looking to meet the impending new energy guidelines forecast to be set by your regulators but don’t know how without
sitcmsacrificing profits?  Eco-Stewards® by Apogee Interactive, the leader in online solutions for the energy industry, is the answer to these questions.  Eco-Stewards can do all of these things by tracking and reporting changes in energy use from the data collected by Eco-Stewards.

Imagine the positive response toward you as your customers and members are able to see the difference their conservation and energy efficiency efforts have made in their homes throughout the coming months, in dollars and cents.  Imagine how empowered they will feel as they learn how to budget for higher energy demand periods and conserve energy in the process.  Imagine them knowing what to do next through their personalized output report as it provides low- and no-cost recommendations as well as long term suggestions based on the Lifestyle Analysis of their home.  Imagine increasing participation in your utility programs and incentives, reaching more of your customers than even a bill insert or other campaign. Imagine the rich energy profiles you will obtain from households participating in the Eco-Stewards program!  Imagine reducing the costly man-hours of home energy audits with Eco-Stewards in place to preview the level of audit need for your high-bill complaint customers.

ControlRoomImagine creating interest in your community for careers in the utility industry, and not just the line-workers they already know about, but engineers, executives, and efficiency experts as well. As our industry grows older, fresh young minds will be needed to fill the void those retirees are creating.

Eco-Stewards® can help your utility accomplish all of this!